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Sharkz.io Changelog

April 7, 2017

April 5, 2017 (live only on v2 alpha test server)

April 4, 2017 (live only on v2 alpha test server)

April 3, 2017 (live only on v2 alpha test server)

April 2, 2017 (live only on v2 alpha test server)


Rewrote core game to support new features such as better collisions, ai, abilities, buffs, classes

February ~12, 2017

May have found the last server-crashing bug. I'm sure Sharkz v2 will have some new bugs. (lol.. T_T )

February 6, 2017

Fixed numerous game-freezing bugs related to packet loss or lag.

February 2, 2017


Can now hide chat and leadboard

GameOver Statistics, bonus experience

Players now respawn with 20% of the experience from their previous life

Can now see endgame stats (ink seems to be inaccurate tho)


Players give more experience when eaten

Level 1 sharks give no experience

The ai population is much higher now, may need to lower player cap to 100 or 150

Sharkz.io website can now run different versions of the game on different servers (reduces downtime when patching, also gives the option to open up a 'test server' with the newest patch from time to time)

January 28, 2017

Harder to stay leader

An indicator always points to the leader and gets bigger as the leader comes closer

The total scaling of hp, regen, and speed are less over the course of the game AND

The total scaling of damage is slightly more; Overall players are more dangerous

The arena is bigger (12,000 x 12,000, was 10k)

Adrenaline damage increased (even without the adrenaline-related level-ups)

I'll be keeping an eye on the overall balance of these changes

Ink redesign

When emitting ink, players now get a speed boost

Ink no longer slows the attacker

Ink is much better at obscuring vision (and gets bigger for each level of Ink sac). It is pretty ridiculous.

SquidHunter now increases damage against squid instead of offering ink resistance

Swarmers (the pet fish)

Are now good for farming exp

Do not pass buffs to their player (the buffs from green fish, yellow fish)

Respawn slightly slower after being eaten

Have much more of a physical effect (crashing into stuff)


Picky is cheap now

Yellow fish give a tiny speed boost (same as before) but because speeds are much more similar between players now, the luck or skill of eating a yellow fish matters a lot more

Recovering from low life is ~50% more difficult (matters more for the huge sharks)

The piranhas are renamed to lampreys (thanks Blitzkriegsler)

I'm still looking for a bug that causes the server instances to restart (randomly, but roughly every 8-20 hours)

January ~22, 2017

Major Changes

Level cap increased to 300!

Sharks start small and grow bigger based on their max hitpoints. The bigger sharks have a bigger hitbox for their mouth, but turn slightly slower.

Added support for many languages. These should work on the shark hitpoint bars as well as everywhere else.

It is possible to get every ability eventually. Now Picky, Metabolism, and Lure are more viable in builds.

Hammerheads now come in a much larger range of toughness, and give major exp. Some hammerheads are fast enough to catch players. Some are basically mini-bosses.

Hammerheads and piranhas have territorial ai, and will stop chasing eventually. They are also better distributed throughout the map instead of all hanging out in the lower-right corner.

Squid ink has less of a slowing effect, but grants the squid a mini adrenaline rush.

Balance Changes

Swarmers are better against players and regular fish now. Maybe too good. Fixed bug where swarmer could do too much damage to squids and large hammerheads.

Heal-over-time from eating green fish increased a lot. Go find the green fish if you're low and don't have points in regen.

Speed buff from eating yellow fish increased

Metabolism exp gain increased to 5%

Exp from all NPCs tweaked (increased overall)


Numerous server improvements relating to the fish schooling ai

Reduced upload rate from game to server by 2-16x