Welcome to Sharkz.io

Controls: click and hold the mouse button to move around!

Click on the icons that appear to level up. (keyboard 1,2,3,4 works too!)

Players will eat you. A lot. >:).

The game is under active development. If you run into issues or want to leave a comment you can do so on the Sharkz.io subreddit: /r/sharkzio.


Sharkz.io v2 (Updated 4/7)

There's a new server called 'v2 alpha' with some new gameplay. It is about 70% done and has some bugs.

New stuff in v2:

  • Unique types of shark: stealthy, tanky, and swarmy
  • New ocean creatures, including 2 mini bosses
  • Stamina to swim faster - press SPACEBAR
  • Sharks can be eaten after they die, recovering life and giving exp
  • Certain sharks can stealth by holding SHIFT. Stealth makes you invisible unless you are right infront of someone. Attacking right after stealth gives you bonus "ambush" damage.

April 7, 2017

  • Increased view distance (zoomed out the game), to be more like v1
  • Rebalanced player, hammerhead, lamprey, and whaleshark move speeds, to be more like v1
  • Fish still try to get away but are much easier to eat
  • Added skull icons to bosses
  • Increased ambush damage
  • Changed exp rates and ratios for hammerheads and whalesharks. Each creature has a certain exp value which is earned as follows:
    1. 25% for fighting the enemy (based on how much damage the player deals)
    2. 25% for the killing blow
    3. 50% for eating the enemy completely (based on how much is eaten)

    Note: bosses have 5 minutes worth of buffs on them, and these are allocated based on how much of the boss is eaten -- so two players who both eat equal portions of a boss will each end up with 2.5 minutes of buff

    If a player dies, the remainder of their buffs can be stolen by other players who eat their shark

  • Future: Most of the v1 abilities that aren't specifically part of a new build are going to be converted to edible buffs.

Play by selecting "v2 alpha" from the server menu and hitting Play.