Welcome to Sharkz.io

Controls: click and hold the mouse button to move around!

Click on the icons that appear to level up. (keyboard 1,2,3,4 works too!)

Players will eat you. A lot. GoodLuckHaveFun.

The game is under active development. If you run into issues or want to leave a comment use /r/sharkzio.

Upcoming: Sharkz.io v2

Hoping for a release of the first few playable classes on a test server in early-to-mid March.

Sharks gain many new active abilities and branching paths of growth:

  • Rogue style - can hide and stalk prey
    • Ink - actively create ink to hide or confuse
      • Escapist - can vanish instantly
      • Assassin - does extra damage in ink
    • Tail attackers - does damage to enemies chaser
      • Poison tail - poison and slow attackers
      • Thresher - can hit with tail

  • Warrior style - gain a Charge ability
    • Tanky - gain a Harden Carapace ability
      • Megalodon - huge hp, huge body
      • Puffer - spikey, returns damage to attackers
    • Aggressive - gain active Adrenaline
      • Devourer - regains life by biting and eating
      • ??? - to be designed

  • Pet style - gain an offensive pet fish like the swarmer
    • Hunter - gain a small shark companion that can be told where to attack and an ability to respawn pets
      • Pet option: Combat - gain a second offensive companion
      • Pet option: Toxin - gain an offensive companion that poisons and slows enemies
      • Pet option: Healer - gain a defensive companion that increases regeneration
    • Whaleshark - gain 3 small swarmers, gain the ability to temporarily call more
      • Whaleshark II - gain even moar swarmers and an ability to enrage them all

Edible buffs

Some elite versions of the feral sea creatures carry special powers. They are harder to fight, and consuming their body will grant enhanced abilities for several minutes.

More servers

**Hopefully** new servers and better connections for US East, Europe, and East Asia